Review: Music students perform at the British and Irish Modern Music institute

Dan Fraser performing “Thought That Was Us”

By Olivia Kane

First-year music students performed for the British and Irish Modern Music institute (BIMM) end-of-term showcase at the Old Market Inn, Hove last night (November 29).

BIMM is the leading provider of music education in Europe, acting as a major catalyst for emerging talent.

Curator and lecturer Martin Rossiter hosted the event. He holds a close relationship with the students, and introduced them on stage like characters in a story. The audience understand the artists as protagonists, creating a branding pedestal for recognition and support from peers.

Considering the students had only known each other for nine weeks, they collaborated seamlessly, gambling with different instrumentation and subverting the classic band setup.

BIMM’s penultimate act, Norman and the Conquerors

Rap artist Mimah was accompanied in her act by a saxophone, and South Bank busker Tyger Mylk sang with her electric guitar beside a violinist.

Michael Dianellou, a first year BA song writing student at BIMM said: “It’s important for these emerging artists to perform, you learn from the audience.

“Usually universities will keep you corporate, using limited instruments that are popular for star marketing. But BIMM challenges your knowledge with instruments, producing and binding individuality and opportunity.”

Mr Dianellou described BIMM as bring a connective hub where students feel a motivational sense of belonging, identity and recognition.

The ticket revenue from the night went to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which works to prevent the effects of drug and alcohol misuse on vulnerable and disadvantaged young people, with a powerful vision to inform and inspire them to reach their full potential.

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