Funeral procession ‘for the world’ held in Brighton

Protesters lead the procession down Montpelier Road
By Ben Norris

Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion closed main roads as members held a symbolic funeral march through Brighton town centre on Sunday (March 24).

The marchers, who numbered more than 100, wore black clothes and held a coffin detailing recently extinct species.

They walked from Montpellier Crescent to Brighton Clock Tower to raise awareness of the threats posed by climate change.

Stavros Anagnou, of Queen’s Park Road, who gave a reading to the crowd assembled beneath the clock tower, said the threat posed by climate change was too important to ignore.

“It might not be easy for us to see the risks of global warming here in the UK, but its consequences are already being felt around the world,” he said.

“The risk is too great not to act.”

In addition to the coffin, the protest featured several tombstones describing the decline in the population of Britain’s indigenous plants and wildlife.

Sam Peachey, of London Road, thought the protest was effective in conveying its message about the impacts of climate change.

“With social media, you don’t need that many people to make a difference,” he said.

Not everyone was sympathetic to the cause, however – a bus driver was seen to confront one of the protesters over the closure of the main road.

Jess Deakin, who was visiting from London for the afternoon, said she understood his consternation.

“It seems like it’s for a good cause, but blocking off the roads makes a bit of a nuisance for everyone else, doesn’t it?”

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