Eclectic musicians to be celebrated at Fake Escape

By James Langley

For those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of The Great Escape, there is an intriguing and free alternative this weekend.

The Fake Escape is set to retain and perhaps even surpass the scope and vision of its more expensive cousin.

Starting at 3pm on Saturday, May 11, and continuing until midnight, the festival, hosted by The Rose Hill Tavern, will feature 12 eclectic and unconventional performances from Brighton-based experimental musicians and artists.

Organiser Kassia Zermon, who makes ethereal, looping music under the moniker Bunty, says: “This is Fake Escape year five – it started at The Blind Tiger when it existed, then a shop on Western Road that some artists were occupying, and now this is year three at The Rose Hill, our new home.

“This year we are curating with three local collectives: Luma, Ceremonial Laptop and Lost Property – the guys who do Fort Process, that awesome sound-art festival up at Newhaven Fort.

“There will be a basement cinema showing films with live musicians doing the scores, plus audio-visual delights, then a stage running all day into the night.”

Akiko Haruna and Ben Chan performing at the Rose Hill as part of a Luma event

Luma put on a regular night of live film-scoring at The Rose Hill, and their contributing musicians will provide original and innovative scores for short films projected onto the basement cinema screen.

Rhys Baker, co-founder of Luma, says: “The opportunity to work alongside and in collaboration with other collectives to create an immersive gig experience in line with one of the busiest dates in the Brighton calendar is an honour, and we are really humbled to be asked.”

The Rose Hill is something of a haven for unheralded yet undeniably talented artists in Brighton.

Baker says: “The Rose Hill has become a second home to us, and we really appreciate their ethos, so it was a no-brainer when getting involved.”

Another collective who have developed a close relationship with the pub, Ceremonial Laptop, are a Brighton-based label specialising in experimental music .

Their events see musicians marry musical prowess with technological wizardry, both in the form of captivating visuals and in an inventive use of equipment.

Roscius performing at the Rose Hill as part of a Luma event

The final group of curators, Lost Property, are an art collective comprising electronic musicians, conceptual artists and poets, among others.

On top of the Fort Process festival which takes place every two years, they put on events in a diverse range of forgotten and unconventional spaces.

Perhaps most excitingly of all, and unlike many of The Great Escape events staged around the city, The Fake Escape is free, a point Zermon is keen to emphasise.

There will be popcorn for all attendees, and if this is not enough, the event comes with quite the celebrity endorsement.

Zermon says: “Flying Lotus said it was better than he expected.”

With such high and unexpected praise, there are no excuses not to check out The Fake Escape.

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