Brighton Rockers C-side celebrate first roller derby win

Brighton Rockers C-side take on The Pain-Deers in their debut bout
By Karen Goodwin

Brighton Rockers C-side are celebrating a roller derby victory, after beating The Pain-Deers on Saturday, December 1.

The team competed in their debut bout at The Dolphin Leisure Centre in Haywards Heath.

They have trained together since January, coached by Sophie Elliades and Kim Powell, or Hairy Fairy and Kapow! as they are known on the track.


Hannah Rose, aka Hannah-Belle Lecter, was named ‘most improved rookie of the year’ in celebrations after the game.

When she first joined ‘fresh meat’ training for new recruits, Hannah said she could basically skate forwards and stop by hitting a wall.

Now a key tactical player for her team, the rookie star helped the Brighton Rockers C-side win 363-143 over The Pain-Deers in the all-women’s league.

Roller derby, popularised by the queer community, claims to have one of the most progressive trans policies of any sport and there is an inclusive attitude to the game.

Hannah said: “There’s quite a big feminist slant to it.

“Girls feel like it’s our sport, it’s something we’ve invented and we are in charge of.

“It’s not just a man’s sport women are trying to do.”

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