Brighton prepares to Reclaim the Night

Photo by: Sumena Owens @sumena_owens

By Karen Goodwin

‘However we dress, wherever we go, yes mean yes and no means no’ this is the rallying cry of Reclaim the Night, a nationwide protest to raise awareness of street harassment and rape culture.

The annual event running tonight in Brighton aims to make spaces safe for women, with the focus on the threat to a woman’s safety when she walks alone at night.

Reclaim the Night Brighton was started by The Brighton Feminist Collective in 2012, as a more inclusive alternative to Reclaim the Night demonstrations in London. The slogan from the first event seems even more urgent today.

Reclaim the Night Brighton welcomes all genders and is a sex-worker inclusive event, the collective has fought “proudly and fiercely” for the decriminalisation of sex work.

For the last two years, FemRock, a monthly DIY night showcasing and celebrating women in music, have teamed up in support of the event.

Caitlin, a member of FemRock, said: “We are delighted to be able to support this vital movement – as a feminist not-for-profit music night in the city – this is an issue close to our hearts.”

She said many of the bands we host sing about sexism and harassment, and our manifesto makes it clear that sexist behaviour will not be tolerated at our nights.

Tonight’s route will start at Brighton Station at 6pm and end in a rally at the Old Steine. A second, alternative march will lead up to the station and down Trafalgar Street to the Green Door Store for an after-party, hosted by FemRock.

Map of tonight’s Reclaim the Night route – the march will start at Brighton station at 6pm. Printed with permission from FemRock.

More information: @brightonfemcol @FemRockBrighton

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