The Big Push rock out in Brighton

The Big Push entertain the crowds in Brighton
By Rebecca Weller

An up-and-coming-band have delighted people in Brighton by playing their music live in the street.

Brighton-based band The Big Push, which is made up of Gorran, Ren and Romaine, have been bringing people together with their rocky covers every weekend on Ship Street for a year.

Bree Ripin was among those watching on Sunday, March 24, she said: “They remind me of Royal Blood, somewhere between Royal Blood and Elvis. They are really good, I really like them.”

The band takes inspiration from the likes of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground and The Arctic Monkeys as well as having a punk influence.

Katrina Hart, who was dancing along in the crowd, said: “Whenever we hear the music we know it’s them and we just come from miles around to dance with them in the square.”

She added: “The thing I love about them most is the fact that they love what they do and it’s so evident on their faces when they play.

“They are such a team as well, they’re always looking back at one another, supporting and getting each other going, that’s the thing I love about them most, it makes you love them, it makes you love the music and I love to see them perform.”

Members of the public showed their support by dancing along

Gorran and Romaine met just over a year ago while busking separately and have since joined forces with Ren to form The Big Push.

Gorran said The Big Push have faced a few obstacles with performing in the street this past year including complaints from the council and businesses on New Road, where they used to busk, because they were too loud.

He added: “A lot of musicians find it hard to get paid in Brighton because there are so many promoters putting on nights and musicians are two or three a penny so if you don’t do it for less somebody else will.”

That has not stopped the trio though who have been hard at work making their first single and continuing to play every weekend on Ship Street.

You can find the band on Facebook and Instagram and their first single was released on Spotify on Friday, March 20.

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