Brighton’s seafront saunas stay open late for solstice

Beach Box sauna offers a range of treatments for you to enjoy during a steam
By Rebecca Weller

Brighton residents will be celebrating the summer solstice the Finnish way on June 21.

Liz and Katie are the founders of Beach Box which is located on Madeira Drive, Brighton.

The site contains two saunas, and both will be open until 1am with nearby Bison Bar and Scandinavian street food available for customers to purchase food and drink throughout the night.

Liz said: “It is a wonderful time of year which isn’t traditionally celebrated on the British calendar, but I think more and more people want to do it.”

The smaller of the two saunas is an up-cycled horsebox

In Scandinavia it is such a big event that people get three days off work and go out to the countryside to party and sauna through the night with family and friends, Katie explained.

Beach Box was started by Katie and Liz last May, as part of Brighton Fringe Festival 2018.

Both women felt there was a lack of decent, clean saunas in Brighton, and they had a desperate need for it themselves, which lead to the creation of Beach Box.

Liz was working as a foreign language teacher, and Katie was a photographer and video producer, but both now devote their time solely to the sauna.

Healthy for the body and mind

Research has proven having regular saunas has multiple cardiovascular benefits.

Katie said: “When you are in the sauna you getting a cardiovascular workout, your body is working to cool down, so your heart starts pumping blood around your body faster, and the heat dilates your blood vessels, so when you combine that with the cold, which is a contrast, it shocks your system and it contracts all your blood vessels.”

She added that the heat could also kill viruses before they make you ill, creating a false fever.

Although detoxing benefits are not proven, Liz said: “It makes sense to me that if your pores are opening, particularly with old products that might linger in your skin will come out of your pores.”

Katie said; “Saunas are a great digital detox because you are not allowed your phone in them and this can make you feel very in touch with yourself and your body, creating a very grounded feeling and having a positive effect on mental health as well as physical health.”

Liz describes the sauna experience as being very social and friendly, much like having a drink and chatting.

Time Out London recently voted Beach Box as the second best getaway day from London.

The sauna is open from Thursday – Sunday and slots can be booked at

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